SW604 Sewalong - Part 2

To read the first part of the sewalong, click here.

It's today that we start sewing. We will stitch the sleeve pocket and apply it to the sleeve. Then, we will apply the insert in the neckline. The instructions below are taken from the pattern, but I also added a few personal notes. Do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section below! Now let's begin...

Unless stated otherwise, be sure to stitch at 12 mm (½") from the edge and match notches and markings with the same numbers.

Assemble RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, namely by placing the right side of a piece against the right side of another one – the right side being the side showing when the garment is worn.

EDGE-FINISH: with an overlocker (serger) machine, serge cutting away the excess of seam allowances. With a standard machine, stitch next to the first stitching with a zigzag and cut away the excess of seam allowances close to the second stitching OR use an overcasting foot.
EDGE-STITCH: stitch RIGHT SIDE up very close to a seam or finished edge.

Fold in and press the sleeve pocket opening edges at 12 mm (½").

Pin the zipper, face against WRONG SIDE of pocket openings. To do so, be sure to place the front part of the pocket to the left side of zipper and the rear part to the right side.

Install the zipper foot and stitch down the zipper to pockets, close to the folded edge. ** I basted the zipper to the pocket first, then topstitched. I thought it was easier to do so. I also preferred to use a topstitch foot to stitch down the zip.

Fold in and press the raw edges around the pocket at 12 mm (½"). ** I also basted the folded edges to keep them in place because the fabric is rather thick.

Place the pockets to RIGHT SIDE of left hand side sleeve according to placement. Use the notches on the sleeve head to place the pocket the right way as its front part goes under ➋ and its rear part under ➌.

EDGE-STITCH around the pocket.

Pin the insert to RIGHT SIDE of front panel according to placement. ** I basted at about 6 mm from the edges of the insert. 

Stitch down using a zig zag stitch or a decorative stitch, from neckline edge to ➊. ** Here I used a zigzag foot to centre the stitch width on the insert edges.

Tomorrow we will assemble the sweater and attach the ribbed bands. Stay tuned!