T005 Intro

Whether your look is casual or classic, you probably already have a few shirts in your wardrobe. This timeless piece of clothing has been worn for centuries and is easily redesigned according to the latest trends. Today I’m proposing a sewalong so you can make your own shirt using the pattern #T005. I enjoyed designing this shirt and I hope it minimal and loose shape will please you. You can get the pattern here.

This sewalong will guide you through the making of a shirt, including the collar with a stand, a cuff with continuous placket and flat felled seams for a clean finish. This type of seam is fairly easy to make and they do not need to be edge-finished since the raw edges will be concealed.

This pattern was tested by talented sewist and I’m glad to showcase their work here. I will also leave some links so you can discover their other sewing projects.


Isabelle Courtillier (www.by-isco.fr)

Made of chiffon. Note that the flat felled seams will be more difficult to do in such kind of fabric. Isabelle also added snaps on the pockets.

Sonia Debove (IG @Jadsovic22)

Sonia chose a classic light blue chambray.

Sylvie (IG @Lyliecat)

This one is also made with light blue chambray and the back and flaps are made into a printed wax.

Thu-Hong Ngo (IG @atch33um)

Thu-Hong also chose two different fabrics for he shirt with blue colors.

Karina Nimphius (www.facebook.com/dieKater1970/)

Made of chambray with silver threads and some golden jeans topstitches.


Monday, November 6th: Introduction

Tuesday, November 7th: Sizing, preparations and materials

Wednesday, November 8th: Sewing the pockets, plackets and hems

Thursday, November 9th: Sewing the yokes, collar and sleeves

Friday November 10th: Sewing the side seams, cuffs, inserts and buttons


See you tomorrow!