About Us

Welcome to our world, where fashion and DIY meet. Studio Calicot is a small company based in Montreal creating tutorials and sewing patterns to help you achieve that unique, contemporary and practical wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a basic that goes with everything or a statement piece to elevate an outfit, you will find them among our selection which is constantly growing. In short, our patterns are a blank canvas waiting for your signature!

Who are you?

Our customers have one thing in common: they sew as a creative outlet. Sustainability may also be a reason why they sew at home. Whether they are into “capsule wardrobes” or not, they want it to be made of good quality and durable items that won't be out of fashion in a few weeks. They never say “I have nothing to wear” unless it’s laundry day!

Our mission #1: a timeless wardrobe

While trendy clothing is fun to have, what makes a functional wardrobe are the good old classics and this is what we have in mind when designing new patterns. Your clothes will last for the years to come and you will want to have several of the same items, either in different lengths or colour.

Our mission #2: an outlet to express yourself

Since its creation, fashion has been used to convey the creator's ideas. This means that you can choose the clothes that represent you best, but that also matches your lifestyle by sewing your own clothes. From the fabric to the fit, it’s you the boss.

Our mission #3: a streamlined project

Your sewing experience will be streamlined so that it goes as smooth as possible. You’ll also have access to additional troubleshooting documents to help you fix or prevent issues and tutorials to tailor a garment to your needs.

Our mission #4: an alternative to fast fashion

The impact of the fashion industry is no longer a secret! To offer you the lowest prices, the fast fashion industry is merciless towards its employees and generates a disproportionate amount of carbon emission. However, making one's own clothes, even if only a few pieces a year, is a creative and affordable way to reduce the demand for fast fashion.