Reborn Baby Dolls - Magic Detangler Conditioner Spray For Dolls

Reborn Baby Dolls - Magic Detangler Conditioner Spray For Dolls

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Doll's Maternity innovative detangling conditioner spray for kids is especially formulated to unlock all knots and give a natural protection to the hair and scalp of your kids and also to baby dolls.

Safe for Kids and Babies : This detangler spray for kids is designed to ease even the toughest tangles. With just a few sprays . our natural hair detangler for kids conditions and smooths hair. Brush through your child's tresses without causing tears or harm to their hair. This kid-friendly hair detangler spray will make getting ready super easy. With our kids conditioner detangling spray . you can take care of your natural hair and get on with your day.

For The Whole Family : This is not just a detangle hair spray for kids! Our childrens hair detangler spray can be safely used for all ages and all hair textures . even for DOLLS!

Curly Hair Dentagler : Our leave in conditioner for kids is perfect for curly or any other hair type . it also can be used by adults and  it even works on dolls!

Natural hair Spray for Toddlers : Made from Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera.

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