Summer's Eve [Island Splash Cleansing Wash] 5 in 1 15 Oz

Summer's Eve [Island Splash Cleansing Wash] 5 in 1 15 Oz

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Summer's Eve Wash is PH Balance . Odor Control . Bacterial Control . 15 fl oz Summer's Eve Island Splash Feminine Cleansing Wash features a tropical fruity and floral fragrance with notes of passionflower . island fruits and skin musk scents. Free from dyes and parabens are created for your most intimate areas . gently cleansing away the bacteria that can cause odor.

Gynecologist tested and hypoallergenic . it's safe for everyday use. Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Wash gives you 5 fresh benefits . in 1 great wash. Unlike most ordinary soaps . Summer's Eve products are specially made to be pH-Balanced for a woman's external intimate area. When ordinary things like crossing your legs . getting your period or even getting up close and personal can leave you feeling less than fresh . there's Summer's Eve to gently cleanse and freshen.

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